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I create custom software solutions that help small, mid-sized, and large companies improve and optimize marketing, sales, and operations.  Specifically, I help my clients increase lead generation, revenues, and profits.  I've served and advised tech startups on up to fortune 500 companies and I've helped some technology companies increase revenues by 400% and decrease labor costs by 50%.

Featured Projects / Companies:

I was brought in to GE Healthcare to help oversee the development of a cloud based operations software known as iHarvest.  This software streamlines the buyback and resale of all incoming and outgoing scanning systems including MRI, CT, and PET. This software was built for global production, serving GE markets in the USA, France, China, Japan, India, Brazil, Argentina, and Mexico.

INPLORE™ is an operations software that calculates the wasted task time within the mortgage loan production process.  The average wasted dollar amount per produced mortgage loan in the United States is over $2,700.  INPLORE™ helps optimize the cost down to $700.

PropCom is an automated email marketing and social media marketing software specifically built for real estate professionals.  This software allows real estate agents to showcase their properties, schedule email and social media campaigns, and walk away.  Agents have the option to schedule unlimited campaigns for any duration.  For example, an agent may schedule FIVE email campaigns and run them each for THREE months. 

How I work is simple.  Probably more simple than what you're used to.  If you want to learn more, there is No Charge and No Catch.  Shoot me an email and I'll setup a phone call.  If you enjoy our conversation and gain value from it, then we may discuss working together. 

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