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Mark Zuckerberg wants a real life Jarvis

With gadgets like the Nucleus smart telecom and smart home hub, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg may be able to build the AI-powered smart home he dreams of.


LAS VEGAS — Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg has made it his 2016 mission to turn his house into a smart home complete with an artificial intelligence butler. But just how plausible is this goal and is this something that can be done by anybody who doesn't happen to be worth several billion?

AI and smart home technology, part of the so-called Internet of Things, have been around for years and are palpably present at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show. Here, there are two full floors of expo showrooms dedicated to smart home appliances, complete with smart showers, smart lightbulbs and smart speakers. Nearly 1,000 brands categorized as “smart home” exhibitors have descended on CES, according to the conference’s website.

Hollywood has dreamed up this vision of a smart home countless times, perhaps most notably as “Jarvis” in the "Iron Man" films, which Zuckerberg referenced Monday in a Facebook post. Talk to any of the smart home exhibitors at CES and they all agree that Zuckerberg’s goal is quite attainable. But disagreements arise when you ask them just how far we are from that reality, how difficult this is to build and how much time and money it takes.

“Eventually something like Jarvis should pretty much...."

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