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The State of Tech Startups

On the global scale, startups mean big business as they contribute to innovation, job creation, and economic growth. Recent estimates put small and medium-sized businesses at more than 90% of global enterprises.

And even though we know growing a startup is often fraught with challenges, many have broken out to become some of the largest, most successful companies of our time.

Who are the driving forces behind global entrepreneurship right now? Thanks to this infographic from online coupon database Coupofy’s blog, we can get a better idea. Data from sources such as AngelList, Britannica, Forbes, and Inc. reveals surprising insights on which countries are the most startup friendly, where the fastest growth is happening, and who the most influential investors worldwide are.

The U.S. holds the top spot for sheer number of startups, but keep an eye on Uganda. That country gets top honors for being the most entrepreneurial nation in the world, because research reveals that nearly one-third (28.1%) of its adult population is involved in entrepreneurial activities. Thailand follows close behind with 16.7% of adults starting businesses. Look for growth in the emerging economies of India and Brazil, where the number of startups has currently reached 2 million and 584,000, respectively.

Government support can go a long way towards giving a bootstrapping entrepreneur a leg up to get started. Singapore recently put...

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