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1)  Sales Funnels
Leveraging software is my core specialty.  We are surrounded by an overwhelmingly large amount of software and technology solutions.  In most cases, its all "noise" and makes most of us question, "where do I even begin?!"  

As a software consultant for 10 years, servicing small businesses on up to fortune 100 companies, I've helped implement solutions that increase leads, increase sales, and decrease labor costs.   The no-brainer, high impact service I highly recommend for almost all businesses, especially online businesses, are Sale Funnels.  

2)  Pull-Through Sales
Businesses do not become successful on their own.  Smart businesses leverage other businesses to drive sales.  The more effective you and your teams become at building alliances, the easier it becomes to leverage those alliances to sell more products and services for you.  This is referred to as "Pull-Through Sales."  

Some of you may be familiar with terms such as Promotional Partner, or JV (Joint Venture) which are essentially known as Pull-Through Sale Channels.  Pull-Through Sales, is by far the fastest strategy for growing businesses and I provide training on how to quickly find, approach, and leverage these alliances.

3)  Time Management
Time management really comes down to being more efficient with the tasks that make the greatest impact on business growth.  Business leaders on down to employees can get caught up and bogged down with non-value-add tasks that simply waste time.  

It can be very difficult to break habits and behavioral patterns but once those habits are broken, the business will quickly see a positive impact on revenues and profits.  I provide training for business leaders on down to employees, on how to become more efficient at high impact tasks and at the same time delegate and remove non-value-add tasks.


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